5 Critical Ideas for Conference Directors to Directing Your Own Destiny - Now to Far Beyond

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5 Critical Ideas for Professional Conference Directors to Directing Your Own Destiny - Now to Far Beyond
What did Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and other science fiction writers and futurists say was going to happen and what did happen.  Did that forecast anything that is useful today? When you look at what they said was going to happen and what you found in their forecasts were rather far away like air and space travel not until the 23rd century and their forecasts for society rather vague.  You find that "technology nearly always changes faster than anyone predicts, and society moves much slower and in so many different ways."  In the area of education there have been many, many innovative technological innovations, yet the academic community remains often though certainly not always using educational pedagogy of decades long ago.  Is there anything that collegiate conference directors can learn in looking back to move forward?  Here are a few issues and ideas to consider. 
First, the world is flat, certainly not literally but very technologically.  From across the street to continents away, internet content moves at the speed of light at literally no "travel" cost.  This means a class, conference, performance, or anything else can be distributed anywhere and anytime as well.  The key point here is that events will no longer be one time but all the time 7x24 with streaming video is very possible, viable and desirable by almost everyone. 
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Second, the world is flat with content coming and going (events, classes, etc.).  There is no need to move a person speaking or attending an event to that event from their living room or simultaneously sky or scuba diving.  Understanding all the communications paradigms: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many or rather in the face of climate change and other environmental issues it is ever more important to "move minds, not matter."
Third, content is also flat in time.  Not like a pancake but it is our visual view of content.  NetFlix, Disney+, Prime Video, Viking.TV and the hundreds of others the user interface are flat in the way you select the content.  Scroll up/down, sideways the vast array of content moves any way you like.  This has changed the way we engage with content whether live or ondemand users can move across platforms instantly. 
Fourth, users are everywhere and anyone.  This is rather profound that the entire concept of user access is based on their needs, not the event.  This is different from flat geography.  This is more intellectual in the sense that often conferences are "birds of a feather," however with new communications solutions conferences can involve anyone from anywhere they want to be on the mountain top to the bottom of the ocean.
Fifth, future events will also engage more with machines.  Whether AI-artificial intelligence, some form of IoT-internet of things device or robotics system, events can be and will be different with new technologies and innovations.  Understanding the four types of human-machine interfaces (person-to-person, person-to-machine, machine-to-person, and machine-to-machine) will open up exciting new forms of conference communications.
Bottom-line - new forms of communication opens up new forms of conferences beyond what we can imagine today.  Our view is that collegiate conference directors take control over their own destiny, and we can help build that.
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We are excited to bring about new forms of conferences to create custom all the time, anytime, to and from anywhere with anyone across the world to build your conference destiny.

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