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Harmonic Egg of Boulder County, LLC

Harmonic Egg of Boulder County, LLC


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About Us

The Harmonic Egg offers deep relaxation for the body to reboot, reset and rebalance, which encourages natural healing.

Sometimes the body is spinning with so much trauma and chaos it can’t get back to “normal”.

Sitting in a resonant environment may help sync the cells (as has been demonstrated in many science experiments where coo-coo clock pendulums all start swinging in sync after being in a room together). When the body is in balance and relaxed it knows how to heal. In addition to helping people feel relaxed and alleviate stress, the Harmonic Egg has been shown to support a wide range of health related issues. Our experience has shown that the various healing attributes of the Harmonic Egg restore balance to the body, thereby assisting in the healing process. The Egg can also help the body and mind work optimally, as has been experienced by athletes that have experienced enhanced endurance and others that have experienced enhanced ability to focus after being in the Egg.

The Harmonic Egg has historically been an in-person experience, but can now be experienced virtually. Pets can also experience the Harmonic Egg virtually!!


The Harmonic Egg of Boulder County
Mary and the Harmonic Egg of Boulder County