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About Us

At Unpeel Functional Medicine Weight Loss & Med Spa, our menu of medical-grade aesthetic, health & wellness, and weight loss services gives our patients noticeable results, individualized treatments, and personalized care that fits within your budget and timeline to reach your skin and wellness goals.

Our staff and dedicated professionals will provide treatments, packages, programs, and products that help you look, feel, and function younger, healthier, happier, and energized at any age.

Our physician, Dr. Laura Darby, MD, has spent over 25 years in medical practice and has over 20 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics, Health and Wellness, Disease Prevention, Holistic Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine, Alternative Therapies, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Age Management Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Darby is also an artist, which is how her interest in medical aesthetics began. She is very visual, often noticing things that other practitioners miss, and loves to work with her hands.

Dr. Darby enjoys educating and empowering her patients with the knowledge and options to make confident decisions for their own care while guiding them along their path to reach their goals and stay mindful of their budget.

She is known for her caring manner and concern for her patients well being and happiness.

We welcome you to our practice, and hope that you feel at home here!

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