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I help business owners prepare for internal growth which will allow their business to scale over time.

These are the 4 main ways I can best serve you:

1. Let me help you establish your Business Identity - who are you, what are you about, where are you going? Do you have a solid mission statement, core values and vision for your business? These will be your guideposts as your business grows, as you make changes, as you hire on a team.

2. Allow me to be your Accountability Partner - do you need help staying on track with projects, tasks or goals? I meet with clients up to twice a month to help them prioritize and focus their energy on the right projects.

3. Create Manuals to prepare for hiring - are you growing? Do you have systems in place to facilitate this growth? Do you have a plan for how you're going to find, interview, hire and train new team members? Let's create a plan and a path for you to follow time and time again as needed.

4. Perform Fractional COO services - would you like help running your business? I can help with daily admin and workflow, run payroll, work to document processes and procedures and provide customer service as needed.

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Jessica Millhiser