Veteran ER docs to open Khrysalis medical clinic in Broomfield on November 10

New practice to offer “transformative” ketamine and infusion therapy for Front Range patients


December 5, 2023


Khrysalis – a revolutionary clinic offering medically administered ketamine therapy, will open its doors to Front Range patients seeking alternative mental health care on Friday, November 10, at 413 Summit Blvd., Suite 204 in Broomfield. Khrysalis, founded by veteran emergency room doctors Dr. Garrett Lee and Dr. Eugene Reinersman, provides professionally administered ketamine and other infusion therapies.

“Khrysalis provides a revolutionary treatment for chronic issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideation, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, and persistent pain,” said Dr. Garrett Lee, Khrysalis co-founder. “This life-changing transformation is made possible with non-narcotic ketamine therapy.”

Therapeutic use of ketamine is becoming accepted as an effective alternative treatment addressing a variety of mental health conditions. Hundreds of thousands of patients in the US are safely benefiting from ketamine treatment every year at approximately 750 clinics across the country.

Ketamine therapy – when administered under professional medical guidance – offers a safe avenue for addressing treatment-resistant conditions such as depression and chronic pain, with careful consideration of potential risks and optimal outcomes. Ketamine therapy and its benefits are now medically proven and accepted as a powerful treatment option.

As Emergency Medicine physicians, Lee and Reinersman have witnessed first-hand the pain and tragedy that unmanaged mental health issues can lead to. They want to bring options to patients to treat and overcome mental illness by harnessing the power of ketamine in a safe, medically managed environment to bring healing to those who may not otherwise achieve it.

Dr. Lee, who served as Chief of Emergency Medicine at a major metropolitan hospital in California and McKee Medical Center in Loveland, believes ketamine and infusion therapies are essential services to offer patients. He shares “that suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm have touched me personally. Relatives, friends, classmates and colleagues have been devastated by mental health diseases.”

Dr. Eugene Reinersman, an emergency medicine specialist who has served as an emergency room physician in New York, Boulder, Greeley, and Fort Collins – and Emergency Department Chairman at McKee Medical Center – explains his passion for mental health recovery. “Being able to help people in a tangible way is incredibly rewarding for Health Care Providers and ketamine therapy allows us to do that. It’s a privilege to offer this service to the Front Range community.”

In addition to ketamine therapy, Khrysalis offers a variety of health and wellness infusion options, developed to meet a multitude of personal wellness needs. These include Pure Hydration Infusion, Immunity Infusion, Hangover Infusion, Migraine Relief Infusion, Vitality Infusion and Performance Boost Infusion. Treatments are administered via controlled intravenous infusion under professional medical supervision. Treatments are for each patient’s unique health needs and goals.


About Khrysalis

Founded in 2023, Dr. Garrett Lee and Dr. Eugene Reinersman, medical doctors with over 45 years of experience between them, provide ketamine and infusion therapy under expert care to help patients transform their health. Our skilled clinicians begin with a thorough assessment, ensuring safety and establishing a tailored care program for each patient. Our compassionate team will guide you through your infusion therapy experience, supporting each patient's health, wellness, and compassion. Visit to learn more.


About Garret Lee, MD

Dr. Lee graduated from UCLA Medical School in 1992 and has served as an emergency room physician for 31 years. Lee was selected by his colleagues to be Chief of Emergency Medicine at a major metropolitan department in California, as well as at McKee Medical Center in Longmont, Colo.

About Eugene Reinersman, MD

Dr. Reinersman graduated from the private Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in Bronx, NY, in 2007 and has served as an emergency room physician for 16 years. He has practiced medicine in the Bronx, Loveland, and acts as the Emergency Department Chairman at McKee Medical Center in Longmont, Colo.